Welcome to my other blog!

As I dig the literature, I find more and more papers reporting fake data. Can’t believe that some scientists get away with producing Fake Science. I actually blog about F. S. in my official blog, Rapha-z-lab.

However, at Rapha-z-lab I have to bite my tongue, write in a restrained way (gotta be a good boy), and pretend to consider the comments of those few faithful souls who see stripes out of noise. So to let some steam off and get more attention (hey, THE!), I now have this other blog. Here I will write candidly about fabricated data and misleading results, dismiss non-believers, and uncover the deeds of F. S. Someone has to right so much wrong, and hey, I don’t chicken out!

I want this space to be an open forum with a diversity of voices, so my mates Philip Moriarty (love your verbosity) and Dave Fernig (my boss and dodgy-science connoisseur) will write guest posts. They are a candid lot!

I welcome anonymous comments by e-mail at fakeraphazlab@gmail.com from anyone (but for that editor called Pep; you can’t be anonymous, man!) who wants to contribute to my mission. May even publish them here!

Disclaimer for the impressionable: This blog is candid satire, not at all a fake impression of myself!


2 thoughts on “Rapha

  1. Rapha, thanks for making me chuckle so much. this is a much better blog than the other one. Can’t get enough of the candid you.

  2. You should make a post about orangettes and how to prepare orangettes. Rapha also rocks in the kitchen wow.

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